FireStorm 18 Shot Pyrotechnic Sequencer / Firework Sequencer

Amazingly flexible, rugged and simple to use 18 Shot pyrotechnic or firework sequencer. Create amazing comet chases, bullet staffs and shell sequences without the use of a computer.

The firework sequencer or pyrotechnic sequencer is an ideal addition to any firework firing system. Alternatively it can be used as a stand alone firework sequencer with our Trigger Unit.

The firework sequencer is a professional, rugged device while remaining extremely easy to setup and use.

The firework sequencer can also be a pyrotechnic sequencer and control solenoids and SFX pyrotechnics.

Operating Modes

  • Equal
    Set an equal time delay between cues.
    Also fire cues in groups, Eg. 2x18, 4x9, 6x6
  • Different
    Set different time delays between cues, relative to the last cue.
  • Clock
    Set the absolute time a cue fires, relative to a master clock.
  • Step
    Step through cues one by one.
  • Burst
    Fire groups of cues with different time delays.


  • Flexible operating modes
    Almost any effect or timing chain can be created.
  • Well built and rugged
    Housed in a Seahorse waterproof case with sealed aluminum front panel.
  • Incredibly reliable and easy to use
    The evolution of our well known RhinoFire Sequencer.
  • Control solenoid valves
    24V output, diode protection and selectable fire duration for solenoids.
  • Lid can be closed on wires
    Slots milled in side of case for igniter wires.
  • Multi function Trigger Input
    Selectable Current Sense or Contact Closure input.
  • Menu system in 5 languages
    English, Spanish, Italian, German, French.
  • Internal SLA batteries
    24V output as standard. No bulky external batteries required.
  • Battery meter
    Shows voltage and % at startup.
  • Modular spring terminals
    Modular terminals allows them to be easily replaced.
  • Fully protected electronics
    Intelligent protection stops damage when firing into dead shorts.
  • Full Self Test and Diagnostic
    For maximum safety and reliability.
  • Made in the UK
    Designed by EasyPyro Ltd and built in the UK. Backed by 1st class customer support.


193 x 130 x 73 mm
Material:Polypropylene Seahorse Armored Case
2 x 12V SLA battery
Output voltage:
Output current:
6A per cue
Timing resolution: 
Current Sense or Contact Closure
International 110V / 230V Quick Charger

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FireStorm | 18 Shot Pyro Sequencer

  • Brand: FireStorm
  • Product Code: FS-SEQ18
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  • Ex Tax: £499.00

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