Note: Picture shows Cobra module with optional protective rubber boot. We highly recommend purchasing the protective rugged case.

This is the COBRA 18 Cue Field Module.

This Field Module is used with the COBRA 18 Cue Remote Control to create a large, easy to use wireless firing system for fireworks and pyrotechnics.

Up to 100 Field Modules can be added to the Remote Control for 1800 individual cues.

The COBRA firing system is a reliable, flexible and easy-to-use wireless firing system for the serious amateur or professional firework technician.

EasyPyro are proud to be an official dealer for this exciting firework firing system.


  • Strong
    2.5mm impact resistant ABS shell with optional Armoured Case.
  • Small and Light
    205 x 160 x 40 mm @ 0.7Kg including batteries.
  • Water Resistant
    Custom silicone rubber seals around terminals and minimal holes in case.
  • Reliable
    Designed in the USA to meet the requirements of both serious amateurs and professionals.
  • Expandable
    Add more Field Modules for a maximum of 1800 individual cues.
  • Secure
    2.4 GHz SafeSense™ technology for security, reliable communications.
  • Safe
    Key arming on both the Remote Control and Field Module.
  • Long Range
    Over 300 m direct line of signt range and internal Signal Strength meter.
  • Easy Power Supply
    3 x PP3 9v batteries with internal battery meter.
  • Powerful
    3 Amps @ 18 Volts to fire
    • 10 series connected / 4 parallel connected E-Match igniters per cue.
    • 1 series connected / 4 parallel connected Talon igniters per cue.
      * talon igniters can burn out at different rates. We do not recommend using talon igniters in series.
  • Same Time Sequencer
    0.1 - 99s time delay vailable between all cues when using R1 Remote Control.
  • Sub Sequencer
    Can fire selected cues in Sequencer eg. Cue 5 - 10.
  • 3 Modes of Operation
    Single Fire, Step Fire, Sequence Fire.
  • Modular
    User replaceable firing terminals.


 COBRA User Guide

 COBRA Quick Guide

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COBRA 18 Cue Field Module

  • Brand: Cobra
  • Product Code: COB-18M
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £298.80

  • Ex Tax: £249.00

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