This is a 4 Cue wireless firing system for fireworks and pyrotechnics.

The system includes:

Any receiver or set of receivers can be programmed to fire from any button on the transmitter.

We can supply any number of receivers or transmitters to your requirements.

Please also consider our 12 Cue System with transmitter and protective case.

This system allows you to fire multiple fireworks in multiple locations from one transmitter.

Any number of receivers can be programmed to fire from any button on any transmitter. This gives a huge amount of flexibility when designing a show.

(using a 4 button transmitter and 7 receivers)

  • Button A = Fire receiver 1,2 and 3.
  • Button B = Fire receiver 4.
  • Button C = Fire receiver 5 and 6.
  • Button D = Fire receiver 7.

The distributed system is ideal for confetti effects or fountains fired simultaniously on banquett tables, stage pyrotechnics or simulated bullet hits on actors.

Each receiver is user programmed to securely "learn" a transmitter button. Pressing the button then fires all receivers that have "learned" the transmitter.

  • Very small
    Easily hidden or body worn.
    (55 x 50 x 30 mm)
  • Safe
    Sliding safety cover on the fire buttons prevent accidental use.
    Safety light indicates when the terminal is live.
  • Continuity Test
    Low current continuity test.
  • Digital coding
    Over 1 million combinations.
  • Receivers use 4 x AAA batteries
    6 volt output will easily fire a single 12 volt effect.
  • User Programmable
    Teach as many transmitter buttons to as many receivers as you want.
  • Long range
    Up to 200 m / 660 ft clear line of sight.
  • Low battery warning
    The receiver has a low battery indicator.
  • Long standby time
    Each receiver can standby for over 24 hours.





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4 Cue Distributed Firework Firing System

  • Brand: RF RemoTech
  • Product Code: CH1-4
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £72.00

  • Ex Tax: £60.00

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