FireStorm Pyrotechnic Trigger Unit

The excellent single shot Pyrotechnic Trigger Unit has  several uses.

  • Connect squibs, e-match igniters, robotics or other pyro to the unit for a quick and easy way to fire them.
  • Control some 12V and 24V effects such as low power solenoids and flame projectors.
  • Trigger our Pyrotechnic Firework Sequencers.
  • Connect the trigger unit to our Pyrotechnic Firework Sequencers with our shooting wire and start / stop a sequence as well as step firing through cues.
  • Designed by EasyPyro Ltd, built in the UK.


  • Multi purpose
    Fire multiple igniters, squibs, e-match, robotics etc. Also start our Pyrotechnic Sequencers.
  • Built in continuity tester
    Bright red LED shows igniter or sequencer continuity.
  • Bright Ready Indicator
    Bright red LED shows full 24V fire voltage has been reached to ensure reliable and repeatable performance.
  • 2 Button Firing
    Prevent accidental firing, 2 button action.
  • Durable
    High quality screw down terminals and fire button.
  • Robust
    Strong ABS plastic enclosure with rubber sleeve. IP rated buttons.
  • Designed & built in the UK


  • Battery 1 x 9V PP3 (Lithium recommended).
  • Size: 145 x 88 x 30mm.
  • Fire Current: >20 A initial pulse, 150mA continuous at 24V.
  • Fire Voltage: 24 Volts
  • Fire Energy: 0.3 Joules
  • Test Current: 10mA
  • Weight: 250 Grams
  • Terminals: 4mm banana plug / screw down terminal with hole for wire.

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FireStorm | Pyro Trigger / Sequencer Trigger

  • Brand: FireStorm
  • Product Code: FS-TRIG
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