High Voltage Exploder / Basting Box

Made in USA.

Professional high voltage capacitor discharge exploder / blasting box used for igniting many igniters, electric blasting caps, detonators,  e-matches, fireworks and pyrotechnics simultaneously.

The massive electrical pulse it produces allows you to fire more igniters at once than is possible with a traditional firing system.

You can also fire wide firing fronts such as mines along a bridge, fountains around a stadium or maroons across a large open space.

The high voltage pulse overcomes the resistance of long lengths of shooting wire.

Use our Shooting Wire and Pyro Splice connectors to connect each effect together.

  • Capacitor Discharge
    330v output @ 10 Joules into a max. 340 Ohm load.
  • Fast Charge Time
    Less than 5 seconds to charge.
  • Rugged & Strong
    Industrial case and orange silicone rubber boot.
  • Water resistant
    Rubber covers on switches.
  • Isolated Vibrating Continuity Check
    Isolated low current continuity check with visual and vibration alert.
  • Safe
    Instant discharge on release of the ARM button.
  • 2 Button Firing
    Both ARM and FIRE need to be pressed to fire igniters.
  • Power
    1 x 9v PP3 battery.
  • High Quality
    Professional construction. Made in USA.


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Blaster One | High Voltage Exploder / Basting Box

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