Talon Firework Igniters

Talon electric firework igniters are for igniting almost any consumer firework.

Use with our firework firing systems to remotely ignite fireworks.

Each Talon firework igniter clips securely to the delay fuse of the firework.

They are very reliable and do not contain any pyrotechnic material. This means they are safe to ship anywhere in the world.

Talon igniters are single use firework igniters. Once they electrically ignite the firework, they must be discarded.

Pack Size

Cost per box

Cost per igniter

100 x 1M Long£29 per box£0.29 each
100 x 2M Long£35 per box£0.35 each
50 x 4M Long£29 per box£0.58 each

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Talon Firework Igniter

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